Other so-called “Full Service” Diminished Value Advocates/Consultants will charge you 33-50% of your Diminished value settlement. Don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an Insurance Advocate company, which merely provides the same Diminished Value Report.


Freediminishedvaluecalculator.com was designed and developed by professional insurance adjusters and vehicle appraisers to provide a low cost alternative to traditional appraisal methods. Our Diminution Calculation Software (DCS) is a sophisticated algorithm and methodology that takes into account real world market forces.


Development of the DCS vehicle diminished value system has been in the works for approximately 5 years. It’s based on having completed thousands of diminished value appraisals, hundreds of interviews with vehicle sales managers, wholesalers and auctioneers. Our staff reviewed information from over 10,000 surveys that indicated the consumers attitude with regard to damaged and repaired vehicles and how much they would pay for them.


We understand the difficulties and pitfalls of dealing with insurance companies. Most people only have to deal with an accident claim once or twice in their lifetime. Insurance company adjusters deal with them every single day. But being an informed consumer with documentation in hand and a little perseverance on your part, you too can be properly compensated for your vehicle’s loss of market value.


What is Your Diminished Value Claim Worth?

Use our Free Diminished Value Calculator to have a starting point for negotiating your claim. It generates its values using a proven methodology consistent with professional pricing in the used car market, which is combined with a complex algorithm that factors in all of the data elements provided by the user. The developers of the FDVC software that powers this site have over 20 years experience in auto appraisal management at major insurance companies, and over 10 years experience in professional car buying.

Deluxe: $69.99

Provides you with a professionally formatted printable report that you can submit to the responsible party for payment, PLUS you will get instructions for properly submitting your claim, a sample claim demand letter and negotiating points to help you settle your diminished value claim.

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Premium: $99.99

Provides you with the same professional documentation as in the Deluxe package, PLUS you will get and sample conversations and rebuttals to combat insurance adjusters, Small Claims Court information, and diminished value tax tips to help you achieve maximum results.

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  • I was a former claims adjuster up until April of this year and I had seen many diminished value claims come through. I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of diminished value demanded. FDVC was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided us and we are very appreciative.

    Chad Brunswick

    Thank you for your efforts with our diminished value claim versus the insurance company. FDVC’s appraisal and the response letter was the catalyst to move the insurance company into serious negotiating. After sending your appraisal report, the insurance company doubled their initial offer and we accepted.

    Brian Pham

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