Auto Diminished Value

What is Auto Diminished Value?

Imagine you are looking to buy a car. You find two cars that are almost identical (same year, make, model and mileage). However, you find out that one of the cars has been involved in a prior accident. Which one would you buy? That’s an easy decision, after all nobody wants to buy damaged goods. The only way you would consider buying the car that was previously wrecked is if it cost less. Most people think the same way you do. In fact, most people would not even consider buying a vehicle that has previously been wrecked. If they did, they would expect to pay much less for it. This is why your vehicle is worth less after it has been involved in an accident. The difference in value between a vehicle with an accident history and the same vehicle without an accident history is known as Auto Diminished Value.


Auto Diminished Value Example:

Auto Diminished Value


Your vehicle is worth $23,000 before the accident. The accident occurs and the vehicle is repaired by an auto body shop. The cost of repairs is $3,750. It is determined that your vehicle is now worth only $18,500. Your vehicle has suffered $ 4,500 in diminished value. The vehicle loses value even if the repairs made to it were of optimal quality. Now, if the repairs made to the vehicle are less-than-optimal, the value of the vehicle may be even further reduced.


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