Diminished Value Formula?

Diminished Value Formula?

Apr 26, 2016
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Is There a Magic Diminished Value Formula?

Diminished Value Formula
A Diminished value formula that can accurately calculate Diminished Value? For starters you need to know the vehicle, the local market and not only the amount of damage, but also the type of damage. There is no magic Diminished Value Formula. Though, all insurance companies wish there was one. The Insurance Indusdrty tried with Georgia Formula 17C, which fails miserably at accurately computing diminished value. Especially on high end vehicles. There are some things a computer can’t do better than a human (until now).

Our Diminished Value Formula

That’s MAIN reason we developed freediminishedvaluecalculator.com. Our appraisers wanted a way to help people to achieve a more accurate diminished value calculation at a low cost. Our software was designed and developed by ex-insurance adjusters and vehicle appraisers to provide a low cost alternative to traditional appraisal methods. Our Diminution Calculation Software (DCS) is a sophisticated algorithm and methodology that takes into account, frame damage, airbag deployment, and real world market forces that determine the value of your vehicle. Use our instant diminished value calculator and you’ll understand right away.

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  • I was a former claims adjuster up until April of this year and I had seen many diminished value claims come through. I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of diminished value demanded. FDVC was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided us and we are very appreciative.

    Chad Brunswick

    Thank you for your efforts with our diminished value claim versus the insurance company. FDVC’s appraisal and the response letter was the catalyst to move the insurance company into serious negotiating. After sending your appraisal report, the insurance company doubled their initial offer and we accepted.

    Brian Pham

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