What is Diminished Value?

After an accident, your car suffered diminished value. Even the best repairs will have a permanent condition called “evidence of repairs”, which will negatively affect the resale value. Under the law, everyone must disclose any accident history when selling a vehicle. After such a disclosure, buyers are not willing to pay full price for a post-accident-repaired vehicle. Because of this fact, the insurance company of the at-fault party owes you money as compensation.


Has my vehicle suffered Diminished Value?

The newer your vehicle in better pre-loss condition, with no previous collision history and the more severe the current collision damage . . . the more resounding the “YES”! The older the vehicle in poorer pre-loss condition, with a previous accident history and minor current damage . . . the more deafening the “NO”!


How do I collect Diminished Value?

The actual process will vary a little on a state-by-state and case-by-case basis.  But the basics in all cases are the same. First you need to find our how the damage has effected your vehicle’s value. Then, if the amount is worth pursuing, you will need to obtain documentation of your loss. Then you need to prepare a demand letter and submit it to the responsible party or the insurance company along with your documentation. And finally, you will need to be prepared to effectively negotiate with the responsible party of the insurance company to get the claim settled.


Who is my claim against?

Your claim will be against the insurance company for the at-fault party. You cannot make a diminished value claim against your own insurance company. If you were responsible for causing the accident, you do not have a claim.


Are there any guarantees that I will be paid for Diminished Value?

The numbers generated by our computer software, combined with our working knowledge, provide the basis for our opinion of the amount of loss. The responsible party may agree or disagree with our findings and will often provide their own experts to counter your claim. We are neither attorneys nor collectors and cannot represent you in the negotiations that will take place. Your ability to collect will be greatly increased or decreased based on your skills to negotiate, or the skills of the person you hire. For that reason, we can make no guarantees that you will be paid. We do offer a conditional “Double Your Money Back” guarantee* on the packages purchased from our website. Visit our Terms of Use page for more information.


How much time do I have?

Each claim has a statute of limitations, which means that a claim must be filed before a certain time period or else the claim will be forever barred. The time period varies depending on the state. Here is a list of the states and their statute of limitations for diminished value claims. For a list of all 50 states and their applicable statute of limitations time periods, click HERE.


What if I already have a personal injury attorney?

It is okay if you already have another attorney representing you in a personal injury claim for the same accident. A diminished value claim is separate and distinct from a personal injury claim. Your diminished value claim will not interfere with your personal injury claim. Even if your personal injury claim has already been settled, you may still be able to recover additional money for diminished value. Consult with your attorney for more details.


Will I need to go to court?

Probably not. The vast majority of cases are settled without having to go to court.


Is your Diminished Value calculator free?
In order to provide accident victims with the best low cost, self-help service we charge a fee of $9.99 for use of our instant diminished value calculator. Once you get your calculated diminished value estimate you will receive an email with a coupon for $9.99 off one of our diminished value packages.


I can’t find my $9.99 discount coupon?
Email servers have different security settings, double check your “Spam” folder for your discount coupon.   Once you get your coupon, click on the link provided and enter in your coupon ID for your discount.


How can I get a complementary Diminished Value assessment?
You can contact us via telephone at 850-778-FDVC.


How often is your Diminished Value assessment updated?
Diminished value amounts on our calculator are updated weekly. However, it is important to remember that an update does not necessarily mean that every vehicle will change in value. In addition, the diminished value we provide are based on several factors including, but not limited to, the current marketplace which can be erratic and inconsistent; Diminished value on a vehicle does lower every day.


Why is freediminishedvaluecalculator.com the right choice?

FDVC’s Platinum package is the best deal on the internet. You have all of the options required to help you through the claims process. Find out how much value your vehicle has lost, then just get your documentation or get your documentation with detailed instructions, a sample demand letter, and negotiating points & tips.

  • I was a former claims adjuster up until April of this year and I had seen many diminished value claims come through. I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of diminished value demanded. FDVC was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided us and we are very appreciative.

    Chad Brunswick

    Thank you for your efforts with our diminished value claim versus the insurance company. FDVC’s appraisal and the response letter was the catalyst to move the insurance company into serious negotiating. After sending your appraisal report, the insurance company doubled their initial offer and we accepted.

    Brian Pham

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