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  • Testimonials

    Jason Rocha

    "Thanks for all you have done on my claim. The additional $5,000 on my claim will be wisely used. Now I can go buy another brand new Cadillac. Thanks for not letting Progressive get away with anything!"

    Tamer Farah

    "Geico called and offered me the exact amount of your Premium Package. The adjuster stated your documentation was exactly what he needed so he could pay the claim on my 11 BMW M3. He is mailing out the check today. Thank you so much. I spent 2 weeks fighting with them over the settlement and due to your report he settled the claim in 3 days and for significantly more than I was asking for."

    Olin Hunthausen

    "Just wanted to let you know that AAA just settled with me. We settled at $2500, when their original offer was $500. Thanks for everything FDVC! I will recommend you to everyone I know."

    Tonya Jackson

    "My settlement of $3,100 made me feel that I was finally compensated properly from the accident. More important to me than the money, was the fact that FDVC forced the insurance company to be honest about the damage. I tried, but could not. FDVC came to my rescue; many, many thanks to you and the team."

    Michael Harris

    "I am so excited to report that I settled my Diminished Value claim with Nationwide for $1,700 more then what they offered me initially. By getting a Diminished Value from the insurance company took me seriously and gave me a fair settlement amount."
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