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Diminished Value Report

Why waste THOUSANDS of dollars on so-called “Accident Advocates” that charge 50% of your Diminished Value settlement? We’re so adamant about or packages that we’re the only company to offer a “Double Your Money Back” guarantee.* Utilize one of of our Diminished Value packages to put thousands of dollars in your pocket!


Fight back with a professionally formatted printable report that you can submit to the responsible party for payment.


Provides you with the same professional report as in the Economy package, PLUS you will get instructions for properly submitting your claim, a sample claim demand letter and negotiating points to help you settle your diminished value claim.


Provides you with the same professional documents as in the Deluxe package, PLUS you will get and sample conversations and rebuttals to combat insurance adjusters, Small Claims Court information, and diminished value tax tips to help you achieve maximum results.

Economy Deluxe Premium



Diminished Value Assessment Includes all Economy items plus: Includes all Deluxe items plus:
Diminished Value Report Claim Instructions Rebuttals to Common Diminished Value Excuses
 – Professionally Formated Sample Demand Letter Sample Insurance Adjuster Conversations
 – Instant Negotiation Tips Small Claims Court Information
 – Printable Diminished Value information Diminished Value Tax Tips
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