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Double Money Back Guarantee Requirements
Freediminishedvaluecalculator.com’s “Double Money Back Guarantee” is a conditional agreement between the purchaser and freedimininishedvaluecalculator.com. The “Double Money Back Guarantee” only applies to the items purchased from freedimininishedvaluecalculator.com. Any additional expenses incurred in perusing your claim based on this agreement or the documents purchased on freedimininishedvaluecalculator.com do not apply. There is no Guarantee/warrantee express or implied as to the final settlement amount of your claim. The following Documents/Requirements MUST be submitted to receive double the purchase costs of our packages:

  • 3 Different Denial Letters from the At-fault insurance company.
  • 3 Different Demand Letters sent to the At-fault insurance company from the purchaser.
  • 2 Separate Vehicle Appraisal’s (trade-in offers) from 2 car dealerships.
  • Evidence of filing with the Department of Insurance of your State against the At-fault Insurance Co.
  • Evidence of a Judgment against the Plaintiff in Small Claims Court.


Use of this website constitutes acceptance of these terms of use:

Freediminishedvaluecalculator.com does not provide or offer legal advice. None of the information contained on the website (freediminishedvaluecalculator.com), nor any of the information provided in the reports or other documents available for purchase shall be considered in any form to be legal advice or an offer to provide legal advice. The reports offered for purchases are offered on an as is basis. The information contained in any of our reports is based on our professional opinion developed through years of experience & training. There is no warrantee express or implied as to the use of our reports for a particular purpose. The quality and accuracy of our reports is dependent on information provided by the purchaser. freediminishedvaluecalculator.com is not responsible for errors or omissions on the part of the purchaser. In an effort to maintain freediminishedvaluecalculator.com as a low cost service, we require that you enter the pre-loss value of your vehicle. Although we provide a link to an outside vehicle valuation vendor for the purchaser to approximate the value of their vehicle, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information obtained from any outside vehicle valuation website. Freediminishedvaluecalculator.com does not sell or distribute any any information collected provided by the user outside of it’s organization, affiliates, or subsidiaries.


Refund Policy

Our diminished value calculator calculation and diminished value packages are provided to assist vehicle owners and other interested parties in determining an appropriate loss of market value after damage to a motor vehicle. All calculations, reports, and packages are provided on an as is basis. There is no guarantee of a specific outcome, nor do we warrant use of our report for a particular purpose. Therefore, once our calculations, reports, and packages have been ordered, NO refunds will be made. Only our conditional “Double Money Back Guarantee” is applicable.


Payment for services

Payment for products or services offered must be paid for in advance of delivery of the product or service ordered. For your convenience we offer secure payment via PayPal. PayPay excepts payment by credit card or a checkcard with either the Visa or Mastercard Logo. The Diminished Value Report order process is secured by 164 bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. This level of security ensures that your personal information is not accessible to anyone other than our secure order processing system. PayPal accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

  • I was a former claims adjuster up until April of this year and I had seen many diminished value claims come through. I can say that I have never seen an insurance company pay the full amount of diminished value demanded. FDVC was very professional, timely and complete with the report you provided us and we are very appreciative.

    Chad Brunswick

    Thank you for your efforts with our diminished value claim versus the insurance company. FDVC’s appraisal and the response letter was the catalyst to move the insurance company into serious negotiating. After sending your appraisal report, the insurance company doubled their initial offer and we accepted.

    Brian Pham

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